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Oxygen Gas Leak Detectors
Instruments to prevent fire accidents at ICU and COVID wards

Recent Fire accedents at Indian Hospitals 

  • Fire broke out at the Patel Welfare Hospital in Bharuch, Gujarat. At least 19 people, including 17 COVID patients, died after a fire at the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on 1.05.2021, officials said. 
  • On September 8 2020, a fire broke out in the ICU of Sir Sayajirao Hospital in Vadodara. The fire was reported from a ventilator in the hospital. More than 150 patients were being treated in critical care at the hospital when the fire broke out. 
  • On August 6 2020, a fire broke out at Shreya Hospital in Navrangpura, Ahmedabad where eight Corona patients were killed. The fire broke out in the ICU. 

Oxygen Enrichment in ICU environment can lead to Fire accident..

Due to the current pandemic of COVID-19 there is an increase in patients requiring Oxygen Beds and ventilators, leading to an environment enrichment of oxygen inside ICUs and COVID Hospitals with oxygen beds. This has been highlighted as a Potential combustion risk by many leading health officials. 

How Oxygen Enrichment in ICU environment create fire? 

The air we breathe contains about 21% oxygen. Even a small increase in the oxygen level in the air – to just 24% – can create a dangerous situation where,
  • It becomes easier to start a fire, which will then burn hotter and more fiercely than in normal air; 
  • Oxygen enrichment facilitates combustion when combined with other gases if the mixture is activated with spark. Even materials that are not normally flammable will ignite and burn in an environment that is oxygen-rich. 
  • A poorly ventilated room or confined space can quickly increase the oxygen concentration to a dangerous level. 

The challenges Hospitals facing

  • Anesthesia and other gases used for treatment, and Various Chemicals used for disinfection and surface cleaning in Hospitals, will increase the risk of fire due to oxygen enrichment. Commonly used potentially hazardous chemicals like toluene, xylene or formaldehyde in hospitals also will increase the risk of fire. 
  • Presence of alcoholic content in ICUs or Oxygen rooms due to excessive use of Hand sanitizers in the wake of COVID 19. 
  • We cannot make sure the electrical Equipment's can be fully fool proof and are intrinsic safe since in ICUs and COVID special hospitals use lot of medical Equipment’s like ventilators and power outlets and others. Even a steel handle lock of a room door can create a small spark due to static charges. 
  • Less ventilated rooms due to air-conditioned interiors or confined space ICUs or COVID rooms with oxygen supply beds.
  • Mattresses, Bedsheets, Curtains, ceiling tiles etc. may increase the intensity of the fire inside the ICU/COVID rooms. 

Solutions from Visma Instruments.
How can we prevent fire accidents?

 In order to make sure no blast or fire is happening we have to make sure there is no excess oxygen present in any closed environment and Oxygen gas detectors can provide you with the real time oxygen monitoring in the ICU/COVID rooms. Gas detection system have sensors which can detect the presence of gas and convert this to electrical signals which is sent to monitors/displays where it is shown. In case of any depletion or excess presence of oxygen it gives an alarm and the authorities can take necessary actions. 

Real time Oxygen Gas Leak Detectors

Oxygen Gas leak Detector Fixed Systems 24*7

  • 24*7 Oxygen Monitoring System.
  • With Inbuilt alarm Buzzer
  • Continuous Read Out on LED Display
  • User friendly setup, push buttons & menu
  • Weather proof and Dust proof (IP 65) enclosure 
  • Plug and Play. Customer can install by themselves. 
  • One year Warranty
  • Made in India
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RIKEN KEIKI make Portable Gas Detectors

  • Portable 
  • Oxygen gas Monitor For Safety.
  • Inbuilt Buzzer.
  • Interchangeable battery.
  • Comfortable wearable   design.
  • One year Warranty
  • Made in Japan

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