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Calibrations Services from Visma Instruments

Mechanical Calibration ( Dimensional )

Bevel Protractor /Degree protractor /Clinometers
Combination Set
Sine Bar / Sine Table
Comparator Stand
Coating Thickness Gauges
Caliper Checker
Cylinder Setting Master
Dial Calibration Tester
Dial Thickness Gauge/pistol calliper
Dial Caliper (lnside/0utside)
Dial lndicator (Lever/Plunger)
Dial Bore Gauge
Depth Micrometer
Electronic comparator with Linear Probe
External Micrometer
Engg Parallel
Feeler Gauge
Flow Cup
lnside Micrometer ( 2 point)
Measuring Tape / Pie Tape
Micrometer head
Master Rod
Pin Gauge / Measurlng Wires
Plain Plug & Ring Gauge (Go & Nogo)
Profile Projector
Passa meter/Dial indicator
Radius Gauge/Thread Pitch Gauges
Snap Gauge (Go & No Go)
Slip Gauge (Grade I/II/O/K)
Slip Gauge Calibrator
Slip Gauge Accessories
Straight Edge
Spirit Level
Surface Plate / Angle Plate
Tri Square / Engg. Square
Thread Plug & Thread Ring Gauge
Vernier Caliper
Vernier Depth Gauge
Vernier Height Gauge
V Block

Mechanical Calibration (Torque)
Tourque Wrenches

Mechanical Galibration (Volume)
Pipetter, Burette, Flasks, Measuring Cylinders

Mechanical Galibration (Mass)

Weight Box

Weighing Scale

Mechanical Calibration (Force)

Spring/ Tensile Testing M/c (All Types)

Universal Testing M/c

Hardness Tester

Push Pull Gauge

Mechanical Calibration (Sound)

Sound level meter

Mechanical Calibration (Density)


Mechanical Calibration (Speed)

Tachometer / Stroboscope


Mechanical Calibration (Others)


Air Velocity Meter

Lux Meter

Rubber Hardness tester

Vibration Meter

pH Meter

Conductivity Meter

Gas Detectors




Up to 300 mm

0-600 mm

0-10 mm

0-1000 mm

Up to 200 mm

0-25 mm

0-50 mm

0-1000 mm

0-100 mm

0-500 mm

0 -300mm


0-1000 mm

Up to 600 mm

Any Range

0-5 mm

Flow Measurement


All Range

0-50 mm

Up to 1000 mm

All Types

0-400 mm

0-360"/50 mm

L.C= 0.5micron

All Sizes

0-300 mm

Up to 100 mm

Up to 100 mm

Up to 300 mm

Any Range

Any Range

0-300 mm

All Ranges

Up to 600 mm

0-200 mm

0-1000 mm

0-300 mm

0-1000 mm

All Ranges

0-1000 Nm

All Ranges

Up to 20 kg

Up to 300 kg

All ranges

Up to 100 T

All Types

50 kgf

0 to 130 dB

Density / Specific Gravity

80 to 99999 RPM

20000 RPM

.3 to 100 m/sec

Up to 100 m/s

Up to 2kL

0 to 100 Shore A Et D

0-2000micron (p to p)

By Simulation Method

By Simulation Method

Using Gas Cylinders