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Touch Free Thermal Scanning
Testo 872 Kiosk

Touch free thermal scanning with Thermal Imager model Testo 872.  Standalone kiosk  and Software specially made for Fever Screening.  

Explore the fully-automatic, contact-free new Kiosk with fully-loaded features.

Key Features.

  1. Automated elevated body temperature detection
  2. Saving of thermal & visual images automatically
  3. Acoustic alarm (Hooter)
  4. Visible alarm (Red / Green)
  5. Generating reports periodically
  6. Signal to access control doors
  7. Provision for data upload on cloud
  8. Provision to synchronize with time and attendance system using RFD/ Barcode
  9. Made in Germany with two years warranty.  Service and caliberation center in India through local channel partners.