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Instruments for Climate & Refrigeration 

Testo Made in Germany Instruments for wide range of Climate & Refrigeration  applications

A Testo digital manifold means you can measure up to 50% more accurately than with analog instruments. 

Digital Manifold

All activities, from measurement through to documentation, using the App on your Smartphone

The smallest digital manifold on the market

Smart Kit - App-controlled digital manifold with wireless clamp temperature probes (NTC)

Testo refrigerant leak detector can detect all the most common cooling agents and locate even the smallest leaks in refrigeration systems.

leak detectors

Wireless measurement of refrigerant weight and operation with Testo manifolds and testo Smart App via Bluetooth

Digital refrigerant scale with Bluetooth®

Multi-function Climate measuring instruments, Indoor Air Quality, 

Air Velocity Meters

Indoor air quality
​measuring instruments

Wide range of Contact and Non Contact type thermometers

Temperature Meters - Contact & IR Type

Pirani gauge with NABL calibration

Digital Vacuum Gauge and Pirani gauge

Measurements, datalogging and report generation in your smart phone

Smart Probes