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Multi function indoor air quality measuring instruments

Multifunction Measuring Instruments

400 Universal IAQ Measurements

440 Multifunction Measuring Instruments

Multi-function Climate measuring instruments, IAQ, Air Velocity Meters

Testo 435-1 - Multi-function climate measuring instrument

  • Optional thermal and vane anemometers for measuring air velocity and volumetric flow in ventilation ducts
  • Air quality: measurement of CO2, air humidity, air temperature and absolute pressure with the optional IAQ probe
  • Display of dew point distance, min., max. and mean values

  • Illuminated display

Testo 435-2 
indoor air quality meter

  • Comprehensive range of measuring functions using optional accessories – e.g. anemometers, moisture sensors, lux and degree of turbulence sensors
  • Super-size memory for up to 10,000 readings
  • Displays dew point difference, min, max and mean values
  • PC software for analyzing and logging measuring data

Testo 435-3 
Multi-function climate measuring instrument

  • Includes Pitot tube for differential pressure measurement for filter monitoring or for measurement
  • Further optional probes can be attached: thermal and vane anemometers, along with probes for air humidity, CO2, absolute pressure and temperature
  • Display of dew point distance, min., max. and mean values
  • Illuminated display

Testo 440
Air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument

  • Intuitive: clearly structured measurement menus for volume flow, degree of turbulence, cooling/heating output, mould detection and long-term measurement, such as CO₂
  • Wireless: Bluetooth® probes for extra convenience when measuring and less cable clutter in the measuring case (please order probes separately)
  • Clear overview: large graphic display with parallel display of 3 readings
  • Safe and reliable: internal data storage and USB port for data export