Leader in Measurement Technology

Temperature Measuring Instruments

Indrared Thermometer
Surface Temperature
Air Temperature
Penetration Thermometer
Immersion Thermometer
Temperature Probes
Temperature Strips
Thermal Imager
Food Thermometer
Temperature Data Logger

Humidity Measuring Instruments

Thermo Hygrometer
Material Moisture Meter
Humidity Data Loggers

Pressure Measurements

Absolute pressure meter
Differential pressure gauge
Digital Manifold
Vacuum gauge
testo 550i Smart Kit - App-controlled digital manifold with wireless clamp temperature probes (NTC)
High pressure gauge
Pressure data logger
Digital barometer
Digital refrigerant scale and intelligent valve with Bluetooth®

Flow Measurements

Vane anemometer
Thermal anemometer
Differential pressure
Volume flow hood

Electrical Measurements

Clever digital multimeters
Innovative clamp meters
Voltage testers which also measure current
Voltage testers with 360° display
Non-contact voltage testers

Data Loggers

WiFi data logger
USB data logger
Temperature data logger
Humidity data logger
Pressure data logger
CO₂ data logger
UV data logger
Shock data logger
Data monitoring system

CO₂, CO, Light, Sound, rpm

CO₂ measuring instrument
CO measuring instrument
Lux Meter
Sound level meter
Tachometer & Stroboscope
Air Quality measuring instruments

Gas Detection & Gas Analyzer

Flue gas analyzer
Gas analyzer for Industry Emission
Leak detector
Portable gas detector
Online Gas Monitors
Nanoparticle meter

Measuring Instruments for food Industry

Cooking Oil Tester
PH Meters
Food Thermometers


Temperature transmitter
Humidity transmitter
Pressure transmitter
Differential pressure transmitter
Compressed air meter
Dewpoint Transmitters

Smart Probes

Smart Clamp Thermometer
Smart Thermal Anemometer
Smart Vane Anemometer
Smart Diffrential Pressure meter
Smart High Pressure
Smart Infrared Thermometer
Smart ​Thermohygrometer
Smart Thermometer
Smart HVAC/R Ultimate kit

Instruments for Climate & Refrigeration 

Digital Manifold
Refrigerant ​leak detectors
Indoor air quality ​measuring instruments
Temperature Meters - Contact & IR Type
Digital Vacuum Gauge and Pirani gauge
Smart Probes